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Scotch® Fire-Retardant Electric Arc Proofing Tape 77

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Scotch® Fire-Retardant Electric Arc Proofing Tape 77 Series are designed to protect most types of electrical cables from fault arc-generated heat and flames of nearby cable failures. These elastomeric tapes are formulated to generate a thick, insulating charred buildup when exposed to high temperatures. The insulating charred buildup protects wrapped cables and cable accessories from the fault arc-generated heat and flames of cable failures within approximately 20 inches until limiting devices can interrupt the faulted circuit.

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Because Scotch® Fire-Retardant Electric Arc Proofing Tape 77 Series are elastomeric and unsupported, they are very conformable. Installers can provide virtually wrinklefree coverage of cables and irregularly shaped cable accessories, easily and rapidly. This exceptional conformability provides better product control while wrapping and yields more uniform coverage. Also, the tape’s thin cross section reduces the overall weight compared to other methods while providing arc protection. The white gray color of Scotch® Tape 77 White allows for easy identification of burned areas. One half-lap wrap provides adequate protection for most installations. However, additional wraps can be applied, if conditions warrant, without requiring a reduction in conductor loads.


·Flexible unsupported elastomer makes it easy to apply and remove for cable inspection.

·Conformability provides virtually wrinkle-free wrapping and complete coverage with minimal effort.

·Provides fault arc protection to adjacent wrapped cables and cable accessories.

·Self-extinguishing; will not support combustion.

·Thin cross section 30 mils thickness saves space and allows cable heat to dissipated.

·Will last and maintain its arc proofing properties for the life of the cable. Resistant to water, salt water, acids, sewage and ultraviolet light.

·Can be removed and reused.

·Standard roll sizes for fast convenient installation.

·White-gray color of Scotch® Tape 77 White allows for the easy identification of fire

damage areas.



·To arc proof high-energy power cables that may be exposed to arc-fault generated heat and flames from nearby failures of other high-energy cables (any cables within 20 inches are considered to be exposed)

·To arc proof control cable when high energy power cables are present.

·To provide additional electrical insulation, thus reducing possibilities of transferred arcs.


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