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3M™ Self-fusing Electrical Tape J20

Short Description:

is a kind of self-melting electrical insulation tape, it has good shape, insulation, and easy to operate, environmental protection and health, is a kind of multi-purpose electrical tape. It has a wide range of applications, can be used as the main insulation protection of 1kv cable or 10kv and below cable insulation protection. In addition, excellent moisture-proof sealing and sealing are its main characteristics. It is recommended to use this product for the protection of 3M Mastic Tape 2166 outside, to provide the best waterproof and insulation performance. Use with Product 3M Mastic Tape 2166 for maximum waterproofing and protection of machinery or cables. The self-adhesive type also makes it easier to use and less likely to cause waste. Or use another combination, using J20 in the first layer with 3M Stoch super 33+ wrapped around the outer layer. This combination can meet the performance of most extreme environments. And the release paper is easy to flake characteristics make it more convenient in the process of use. In the case of such high product quality and protection grade, the characteristics of simplicity and utility is one of the biggest advantages of product 3M Self-fusing Electrical Tape J20.

Product Detail

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Instructions for use

J20-2 (6)

When using 3M Self-fusing Electrical Tape J20 continuous semi-overlapping wrapping is appropriate. After stretching the width of the original 3/4, to ensure a better model and insulation effect. When applied, pay attention to the voltage level: 10KV and below can be used for cable insulation protection, 1KV and below can be used for main insulation recovery.

Product features

Release paper easy to peel, easy to operate.

Good waterproof performance; ,

Environmental health, through the ROHS certification.

Voltage class: 16kv/mm

Tensile strength (ASTM D4325): 250Psi

Elongation at break (ASTM D4325):6

Water absorption rate (ASTM D570):0.008

Temperature grade: 80℃

Product Parameters

Mechanical property       Typical value
Color Black
  Maximum tensile
   Breaking strength 151bs/in
   Adhesion to plate 28oz./in
   Viscosity to the
band base
Specification 19mm(W)*20m(L)*0.177mm(D)
Typical value
Voltage class 600V or less
  Dielectric strength >39.37kV/mm(1000V/mil)

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