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3M presents innovative technology to 2023 CES

[2023/01/09 Shanghai] – 3M, the world’s largest international consumer electronics show (2023 CES), brought its diverse range of cutting-edge technologies and innovations to the 2023 CES in Las Vegas, USA. As the world’s largest annual event for the technology sector, 2023 CES brings together some 200,000 exhibitors, industry experts and attendees to showcase groundbreaking products and technologies and to discuss the bright future of technology.

3M worked with various partners to showcase innovations in various fields including VR, health, automotive and office in This time CES.

Virtual Reality (VR)
Virtual Reality (VR) and the metaverse are two of the main attractions at 2023 CES. Inheriting its own expertise of nearly 100 years in the field of optics, 3M is bringing innovative optical technologies at 2023 CES that can reduce the size of VR headset devices and significantly improve the picture quality, further helping to take the VR industry to the next level of development. As one of 3M’s partners, the Byte Dance PICO VR headset product equipped with 3M’s optical technology also made an appearance at the 3M booth.
Wearable health devices
Previously, 3M entered a partnership with Epicore Biosystems, a leading global innovator in digital health solutions, to create the Gatorade Gx Sweat Patch sweat testing patch. Recently, Epicore Biosystems also launched the Connected Hydration wearable hydration sensor and a mobile app tailored for athletes and sports. This is the first wearable device to monitor skin temperature and movement while also monitoring sweat and electrolyte loss. As a leader in medical skin adhesives, 3M supplied medical-grade materials for both products and the technology was unveiled during 2023 CES.
Electric cars
Automobiles are always one of the most talked about areas at CES. As a trusted partner for automakers, 3M is showcasing several innovations in the electric vehicle sector at 2023 CES, including a range of solutions that focus on improving the performance of electric vehicle batteries from the perspectives of thermal management, assembly, insulation and more.
Hybrid working
In late 2022, 3M and Microsoft launched Post-it® App for Teams, a mixed reality app that combines Post-it® sticky notes with Microsoft Teams software, and demonstrated the app at 2023 CES live demonstration of the app’s powerful capabilities. As a digital creative whiteboard, Post-it® App for Teams enables work teams in a hybrid office mode to collaborate, export ideas and move projects forward in a simple, clear and intuitive way.

In addition to providing a showcase for cutting-edge technology products, CES is also an important platform for industry leaders to share their insights. The panel discussed how companies can empower sustainability through innovation.

Post time: Jan-09-2023