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3M™ Scotch® Waterproof Mastic Tape 2166

Short Description:

3M Mastic tape 2166 is a professional grade waterproof cement, it has good compatibility and seal repair, can be competent for a variety of circuit insulation related products. The soft, well-shaped features are also suitable for filling irregular surfaces, while its resistance to pressure has been tested and it still works at minus 18 degrees. Its biggest characteristic is its good waterproof sealing performance, can be applied to all kinds of electrical, communication equipment waterproofs and moisture-proof, but also can be applied to the aerial insulation wire clip waterproof and moisture-proof, in addition, the application of submarine cable is also an important part of 2166 can be competent. The double-wrapped submarine cables combined with the J20 can withstand extreme water pressure and insulation, in accordance with the limits of Directive (EU)2015/863, as amended in Annex II of the EU RoHS Directive 2011/65/EU.

Product Detail

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sva (3)

1. Good form to irregular surface

2. good compatibility with all kinds of cable

3. Self-fusing  adhesive tape

4. using in a wide temperature range

5. Excellent weather resistance and waterproof, sealing performance

Application: Used for waterproofing and sealing of communication equipment base station, antenna, feeder, and other joints. used with 3M PVC electrical tape.

Usage instructions

1 Before use, please polish, clean the surface of the parts to be treated, and peel off the adhesive tape release paper. When in use, use the knife coil to cut just the required length, which can be used between layers, but also easy to mold into the required shape, or semi-overlapping continuous wrap, wrap the stretch of about 100%, after use, as far as possible wrap 3M PVC electrical tape outside to provide better mechanical protection.

sva (2)

Reference Typical value

Reference Typical value
Material Rubber
Color Black
Size(Width*Length) 63.5mm*0.6m
Thickness 3.175mm
Temperature level -55°C~80°C
Usage Temperature -18°C~65°C
Water absorption rate 0.0005
Dielectric strength 0.8kV/mm

Product Parameters

Mechanical property Typical value
Color Black
Maximum tensile
Specification 63.5mm(W)*0.6m(L)*3.175mm(D)
Typical value
Voltage class 600V or less
Dielectric strength >39.37kV/mm(1000V/mil)

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