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33 Application And Case Feedback

33 Application And Case Feedback

Count on it!
Choose Scotch® Super 33+TM Vinyl Electrical Tape for your most demanding electrical maintenance and repair jobs when failures aren’t an option and equipment must keep operating. Whether in hot or cold temperatures, high humidity or in contact with contami- nants and aggressive substances, you can trust Scotch® Super 33+TM Vinyl Electrical Tape.

Scotch® Super 33+TM Vinyl Electrical Tape is designed to work for:
• Primary electrical insulation of electrical connections up to 600 V
• Protective cable jacketing and repairs
• Weatherproofing
• Harnessing of wires and cables
Why it really is the good stuff:
• Highly conformable and super stretchy in all-weather applications
• Applicable at temperatures ranging from -18 °C through 38 °C without loss of physical properties
• Designed to perform continuously in ambient temperatures up to 105 °C
• Excellent resistance to abrasion, moisture, alkalis and acids
• Inhibits corrosion of electrical conductors
• Flame retardant
• UV-resistant, for indoor and outdoor application


Some Real Reality From Customer

1. Mia
Give 5 stars review, Just what I needed, Very easy to work with and got the job done. Reviewed on April 21.
Exactly as the photo shows and worked exactly as it needed to.
2.Jesus is Lord
Give 4 stars review Donesn’t leave nasty residues! Reviewed on December 08.
Not lot sticky residue
Give 5 stars review,The real deal. Reviewed on January 04.
Nothing much to say. It works much better than the cheap stuff at your typical 1-dollar store.
Give 5 stars review. One of my 2 go to tapes. Reviewed on June 07.
I use this and super 88 tapes depending on application... or what I can find at the moment.

I've used less expensive tapes but this brand seams to stick the best and leaves less sticky dark residue on things than the other brands. I use it on wiring, on top of the same brands rubber coating and I have put it on the silicone tape to protect that from abrasion.

It sticks well within reason. Sand and grease will hurt any tape so clean things off first.

The mess created by other brands is my biggest concern, I once made a harness for a power supply and wrapped it inside split loom. I used a different brand tape, and the result was that I had a mess on walls, my desks my equipment, etc. All at room temps.

My last use of of split loom was for coaxial cable in the living room. This is by far a better product than any other brand I have used. Including the brands with animals on the label.

I use it everywhere for electrical now. It may upcost 2 times the price, but I've had really good luck, even opening up harnesses in vehicles years later where I used it.

Every year I have to weatherproof an AC extension cord to the device cord that plugs in. (I have to replace the device every year) I may change up the first coating between the rubber and silicone but this is the only tape I trust for this application. It manages UV pretty well too.